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How To Navigate

Marketing Effectiveness

In An Uncertain World

A webinar by Jaywing.

11:00-12:00, 9th November 2023.


75% of leaders lean on economic indicators for marketing budget decisions. A third have planned budget cuts for 2023, with potential repercussions flowing into 2024.

Businesses are ready to slash budgets because they aren’t seeing efficient value from marketing activities.

It’s time to change that.

It’s time to leave poor performing campaigns behind and make better marketing investment decisions. Not backed by gut, or instinct, but by hard-hitting bottom-line numbers.

On Thursday 9th November, Jaywing’s effectiveness experts will tell you how, joined by guest, Chris Other, a marketing specialist with years of experience at major brands like Studio Retail (Frasers Group), Specsavers, and Tesco.


Hanna Wade
Hanna Wade, Strategy Director (Data Science)
Chris Other Studio Retail Actual Final
Chris Other, Ecommerce and Marketing Specialist (Studio Retail, Specsavers, Tesco)
Matt Triggs portrait
Matt Triggs, Head of Analysis and Modelling 

What you'll learn

  • The importance of an effectiveness culture today

  • How to translate the language of marketing to the language of the boardroom

  • How and where to start on your effectiveness journey with econometrics

  • How to transform theory into action: steps businesses need to consider to create a culture of effectiveness and prove the value of marketing with numbers

Is this for you?

We've crafted this webinar discussion for forward-thinking senior marketers. If this is you, join us.

  • Marketing Directors
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Senior Marketing Leaders

  • Senior Marketing Managers